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Topic : Personal Injuries

Medical Errors

Medical Error is Not Usually Recorded as Cause of Death The US Food and Drug Administration found 119 patients who depended on ventilators to breathe

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Slip and Fall in Florida

Slip and fall accidents in Florida are largely regulated under Florida statute 768.0755, which establishes premises liability for ‘transitory foreign substances in a business establishment—

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Injured In A Hotel?

As the recent $55 million dollar award to journalist Erin Andrews shows, the owners of a hotel may be held liable for what happens on

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Whether it is a car accident, motorcycle accident, trip and fall, a Workers Compensation injury or a simple bruise, it is imperative that a good attorney have sensitivity, compassion, be capable of listening, and fighting hard for their clients. The attorney’s efforts should be persistent and tireless because each client is a human-being asking for your help, desirous of your help and who needs your help through this difficult time.

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