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Truck Accidents

Fort Lauderdale Truck Accident Attorney

If you, a family member, or someone you know were hurt from an accident caused by an 18 wheel or other type of heavy truck or tractor, it is critical that you hire an attorney and law firm with not only the experience, but the financial backing and other resources to fully advocate your case.

Thomas & Pearl is relentless and will fight for you.

It is not uncommon in these types of cases for expert witnesses and expensive trial simulations to be needed to provide the maximum understanding and emotional connection between the jury and the victim. Only a firm with substantial enough resources can provide that kind of trial edge.

The attorneys at Thomas & Pearl are constantly providing these exhibits and advantages to our clients.

Since the number of 18 wheel and other trucks on the roadways seems to always be growing, so too does the possibility of being involved in an accident with one. Often making this an even more serious problem than other types of accidents is the fact that the typical car, or even SUV, tends not to fare well when struck by another moving vehicle that outweighs it by thousands and thousands of pounds. Unfortunately, that means the chances of suffering a truly debilitating injury, or even dying, are that much higher in these types of accidents.

After being involved in an accident with an 18 wheel or other type of truck, or tractor, your first step should be to get the immediate medical care you need. Your second step, however, should be calling Thomas & Pearl. Immediately after making that call, we will invite you to our office for your FREE consultation. We will even send an experienced attorney to see you for your FREE consultation if you are unable to make it to our office.

We will even send an experienced attorney to see you for your FREE consultation if you are unable to make it to our office.

Then we will evaluate your potential claim(s) by analyzing the liability of all parties and possible insurance coverage, advise you of the legal process for these types of accidents, and make sure you are getting the ongoing medical care you need if you aren’t already. From there, your focus should be all about just getting better and doing whatever your doctors tell you. We will handle the details, and personally guide you through those parts you need to do in person. You will be advised before any important step is taken.

Oftentimes, you will have to make a decision about whether to settle their accident claim or file a lawsuit and go the litigation route with the ultimate goal of having a jury decide your claim’s fate. Like all other steps, the decision will be yours. Thomas & Pearl handles all litigation matters with their own attorneys. This provides you, the client, not only with the same level of outstanding legal services you will have come to know from us, but the cohesion of having the same legal minds who began your case taking it all the way to completion.

The injuries a person can suffer from an accident with an 18 wheel or other truck can be absolutely horrific, even if they don’t seem to be at first. That is why anyone who was injured in this type of accident must make sure they hire the right attorney to fight for their one and only chance at making the responsible party pay what they owe. If the wrong lawyer is hired and he or she doesn’t get the absolute most compensation possible for the victim, the injured person’s chance is, most likely, lost forever.