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Defective Product Injury

Fort Lauderdale Defective Product Injury Attorney (Product Liability Attorney)

We all use various products for all kinds of things throughout the day- from the creamer in your coffee to the seatbelt in your car, and everything in between. When the products we use work as they should, most people don’t even give them a second thought. However, when even the simplest and seemingly safest products malfunction or are defective, the results can be catastrophic and often fatal to the user.

Representing the victims of defective product accidents is a very unique challenge, and much different than any other type of injury case. Many law firms are simply not equipped to handle these cases. First, this type of claim can involve many different parties who each share some duty or obligations over the product between the time it was made and when it reached the final consumer who it injured or killed. It is very important that the attorney you hire understands the entire scope of the product chain and what parties may be held legally responsible for the victim’s injuries.

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Due to the complexity often needed to prove that a device or other product malfunctioned, it is often necessary to hire various independent experts to re-construct the product, run tests, and develop diagrams and other simulations that can be essential to proving the case. When a client hires a firm without the resources or desire needed to fully advocate the client’s position, the victim’s one and only chance to make the responsible manufacturer, supplier, wholesaler or other party may be lost forever.