Ikea and Furniture Tip-Over Lawsuit

Reuters reported last week that Ikea, the world’s largest furniture seller, confirmed a $50 million tentative settlement to be paid to three American families whose young children were killed in furniture tip-over accidents involving Ikea furniture.  The families of the three children, all aged around 2 years, sued after the children were crushed to death by furniture—part of Ikea’s “Malm” line of chests or dressers.

 In June of 2026, Ikea announced a recall of 29 million chests and dressers related to the fatal accidents.  And the New York Times reports that at least three other toddlers have been killed in other tip-over accidents involving Ikea furniture.  Lawyers contended that the unsafe design of the furniture rendered the items “inherently unstable and easily tipped over,” and that Ikea had refused to meet voluntary standards for the safety and stability of their chests and dressers.

 “These were three very preventable deaths that never needed to occur if Ikea had simply made dressers that met the voluntary national standard,” said Alan M. Feldman of Feldman Shepherd law firm– the firm representing the victims– in Philadelphia.  Feldman was referring to the safety standards set by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.


In a 2014 report, the Commission noted that children were the victims in 84% of the 430 reported deaths between 2000 and 2013.  Tipped-over televisions, furniture, and appliances were to blame in these deaths; about 65% of the children killed were between 1 and 3½ years old.

Is YOUR Furniture Dangerous?  And What Can You Do?

IKEA isn’t the only manufacturer of furniture that may not meet its standards, according to the CPSC. So you might have dangerous furniture in your own Florida home and not even know it.

One means of preventing tip-over furniture is simple:  secure heavy items with anchors.  Ikea reported that no tip-over deaths were reported with the use of anchors; some of these anchors might come with the furniture, or a hardware store may be able to provide suitable ones.  It’s also smart to keep televisions pushed towards the back of their stands to help ensure balance and prevent it from tipping over onto a child. 

Elements of Product Liability– Negligence

The Ikea case is an excellent case study in regards to product liability law.  In the state of Florida, the elements that must be present for negligence in a product liability case include:

  1. The manufacturer has a legal duty to design and manufacture a product reasonably safe to use;
  2. The manufacturer failed to comply with that duty;
  3. Someone was injured, and the injury was caused by the failure to comply;
  4. Damages resulted from the injury suffered.

Have you or a loved one been injured due to a bad product?    

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$150 MILLION in verdicts and settlements

Bad products can lead to serious injuries—even death, which is especially tragic with children so young as in the Ikea case.  Even well-known and well-financed companies can manufacture or distribute bad products.

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