Injured In A Hotel?

As the recent $55 million dollar award to journalist Erin Andrews shows, the owners of a hotel may be held liable for what happens on their premises.  And with the busiest part of Florida’s tourist season happening in March and April, hundreds of thousands of visitors will be in Sunshine State hotels.

Many of them will be injured there.

Florida attracts tourists from all over the world.  Many who visit and stay in hotels will visit hotel pools—perhaps not knowing that Florida  leads the way in pool drownings.

It’s not only accidents in pools that indicates Florida’s hotel, motel, and resort businesses may need to do more to protect their guests—each year many are injured by:

  • Hotel furniture
    Sure, it saves money to keep older furniture just ‘one more season,’ but a collapsing chair or lounger can result in an injured guest.
  • Food Poisoning

Cutting back on kitchen staff may save money, but overworked employees may not keep the kitchen, themselves, or serving utensils sanitary and may not recognize food has spoiled

  • Burns

Yes, there’s nothing like a hot shower in your hotel room after a long trip, but if the hotel maintenance staff has the thermostat set too high, a scalding injury can occur.  Or if the iron in the room is faulty, it could cause a nasty burn that needs medical attention or causes permanent scarring.

  • Bed Bugs

Yes, it’s nasty to even think about in your hotel room.  But worse perhaps than the itching blistery bites is the fact that bed bugs travel easily, and the cost to remove them from your home may cost you thousands of dollars.

  • Slip and fall accidents

Worn carpet.  Cracked concrete.  Uneven flooring.  Curled rugs.  An elevator that stops just above or below the floor level.  All of these common occurrences can lead a hotel guest to fall and become injured.

Inkeeper Liability and Negligence

Hotels are obligated to do everything possible within reason to ensure their premises are safe.  They need to prevent accidents if at all possible inside their buildings, in or by their pools, on their parking lots, and more.   If a hotel acts or fails to act in such a way that could have been reasonably expected to prevent hard to a guest, courts could rule the hotel was negligent, and is liable to compensate the victim for the injury.

Could the hotel have done more to protect the victim?

  • Did the hotel have staff with CPR and First Aid certification?
  • Were signs posted to advise of potentially dangerous areas?
  • Did the hotel have a quality first-aid kit close by?
  • Did the hotel have a Defibrillator?
  • Does the hotel have prior health code violations?
  • Has the hotel been cited for any building code violations?

Have you or a loved one been injured in a Florida hotel, motel, or resort?   

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