June is National Safety Month

The National Safety Council (NSC) invites you to join in helping to raise awareness of what it takes to “Keep Each Other Safe.”  Each and every June is National Safety Month, focused on reducing leading causes of injury and death—at work, on the road, and in our homes and businesses.

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Approximately 146,571 persons died from injury-related deaths in 2015, according to Injury Facts 2017.  And though often preventable, these deaths from injury are at an all-time high.

Here are some top causes of injury and death:


  • In 2011, poisoning passed vehicle crashes as the leading cause of injury-related death. Learn more about poisons in the home and the poisoning epidemic

Motor Vehicle Crashes


Choking and Suffocation


Unfortunately, accidents to happen.

And if that accident happens in Florida on someone else’s property, it could be the property owner who is liable for the injured party.  This is true whether that property is a business, or a rental property– even someone else’s home.  All property and business owners have an obligation to maintain their premises in a safe condition.

In Florida, liability for visitor injury falls under premises liability law.

While a visitor needs to exercise normal caution to protect themselves, if a visitor is injured and the property owner or business operator knew—or should have known—that an unsafe condition existed, and the owner or operator did not remedy the unsafe condition or give warning—premises liability may mean damages are assigned to the owner or operator.

And a special duty is owed to children—even if the child injured was not authorized to be on the property.  This is sometimes the case with a swimming pool—an attractive nuisance.  Since a pool could reasonably be regarded as attractive to a child, the property owner bears an obligation to protect it from them to prevent accidents—perhaps by a pool fence, or a locked door to the premises.

 Premises Liability—Inside and Out

Property owners and business operators both have an obligation to maintain all of their premises—both inside and outside.

Injuries occur and lawsuits follow when landlords or business operators have:

  • Poor lighting inside or out
  • Poor sidewalk conditions
  • Water on floors, especially with no warning sign
  • Goods for purchase high on shelves or in other dangerous displays
  • Dangerous pets—dog bite lawsuits also fall under premises liability

Have you or a loved one been hurt in an:

  • Accident in a store
  • Slip and fall incident
  • Pool accident at a hotel or home of another
  • Dog bite incident
  • Accident while working as a contractor in someone’s home or business
  • Injury inside or outside a business
  • Accident in someone’s home
  • Accident with falling merchandise, or by reaching to get merchandise in a store
  • Accident on someone else’s property, even if not granted permission to be there

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