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Social Security Disability

Fort Lauderdale Social Security Disability Attorney

Applying for Social Security disability (SSD) and Social Security Income (SSI) disability benefits can be challenging due to many reasons including how long a claim may take and the likelihood that the claim will be denied. However, even if you have been denied disability benefits, you can still win by utilizing the appeals process.

At Thomas & Pearl we assist individuals with all aspects of disability claims including new applications, appeals, and hearings.

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The following components are vital to winning your Social Security Disability Claim: Ongoing medical care, compliance with your doctor’s recommended treatment and providing the Social Security Administration with all relevant medical records.

The decision to award you SSD benefits are based primarily on Functional Medical Evidence (FME). It shows why you are disabled, and explains your Residual Functional Capacity (RFC). RFC is the most you can still do, despite your limitations. Age, education, and work experience are major factors that are considered when applying for SSD benefits. The attorneys at Thomas & Pearl can explain the requirements for eligibility, as well as the process of applications, appeals, and hearings. An experienced SSD attorney can greatly increase your chances of winning the appeals process, and will walk with you through the Administrative hearing process.