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As a Florida Injury Attorney when someone comes to my Law Office at Thomas & Pearl seeking representation it is because they have sustained an injury as a result of an accident. That individual, who becomes my client, whether a man, woman or child is suffering either physically or emotionally or both.


All of us give to Charity in one form or another because we care. We care about others.   To fulfill my client’s expectations as a Florida Injury Attorney I also have to care.


I can never forget that when I accept someone as a client it is because I am trying to help and assist that person as an Injury Attorney to recover compensation for their suffering. These injuries can be devastating and permanent, or they can be modest and passive but merely being a qualified skilled Fort Lauderdale accident lawyer will not result in the best care and equitable financial recovery for a client unless I first regard them as a human being who I have a responsibility for helping.


Whether it is a car accident, motorcycle accident, trip and fall, a Workers Compensation injury or a simple bruise, it is imperative that a good attorney have sensitivity, compassion, be capable of listening, and fighting hard for their clients. The attorney’s efforts should be persistent and tireless because each client is a human-being asking for your help, desirous of your help and who needs your help through this difficult time.

This recognition directly affects the outcome and results achieved and it should.


If you have questions or need help, we offer a free and private, no obligation, consultation where you can discuss your case and get the help you need.


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