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Wrongful Death

Fort Lauderdale Wrongful Death Attorney

If you are suffering from someone else’s wrongful death, and you are related or dependent upon that person as listed above, we urge you to contact the Law Offices of Thomas & Pearl. Immediately upon contacting us, we will have you come in for a FREE consultation where you will meet the attorneys who will be personally working on your case, find out all about our experience handling similar claims, and ask any and all questions you want answered.

Thomas & Pearl is relentless and will fight for you.

We will also go over the parties involved, all potential avenues of liability, possible insurance coverage, and advise you of the legal process for these types of cases. From there, we will handle just about everything, and personally guide you through the parts of the process that you need to do in person. You will be advised before any important steps are taken, and will make each critical decision after getting your lawyer’s opinions.

Wrongful death actions can stem from almost any fatality causing event, and since the victim is unfortunately never around to fight for their rights it is very important that the family members of wrongful death victims know who is allowed to seek compensation for the loss.


Wrongful death actions in Florida are specifically covered by statute. In fact, Florida Statutes 768.16-768.26 are known as the “Florida Wrongful Death Act.” According to the Act, the surviving spouse, children, parents, and even other blood relatives or adoptive brothers and sisters if they were the decedent’s dependents may recover the value of the “lost support and services” caused by the victim’s death. The surviving spouse can additionally recover for their loss of companionship, protection, and any mental pain and suffering they may be experiencing.

We will even send an experienced attorney to see you for your FREE consultation if you are unable to make it to our office.

Due to the wide variety of situations that can lead to a wrongful death action, it is critical that the law firm you hire to represent you has extensive experience recovering for other victims of similar accidents. Just because a firm has some experience with wrongful death actions does not alone mean they can handle your particular case depending on how the accident happened. That is why for wrongful death claims, perhaps more than any other, you must get to know the attorneys and law firm you are hiring and find out exactly how much experience they have. You have one chance to not only recover the compensation you and your family deserve to compensate you for the loss you have experienced, but to also make a statement on behalf of your deceased loved one’s memory. Don’t let that one chance slip away by hiring the wrong law firm.

Oftentimes, clients will have to make a decision about whether to settle their wrongful death claim. You will be filled-in before any important legal action is taken. Oftentimes, clients will have to make a decision about whether to settle their accident claim or file a lawsuit and go the litigation route with the ultimate goal of having a jury decide your claim’s fate. Like all other steps, the decision will be yours but another benefit of choosing Thomas & Pearl is that we handle all litigation matters in-house. This provides you, the client, not only with the same level of outstanding legal services you will have come to know from us, but the cohesion of having the same legal minds who began your case taking it all the way to completion.