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Cruise Ship Injury

Fort Lauderdale Cruise Ship Injury Attorney

The attorneys at Thomas & Pearl represent passengers and crew members that have been injured on cruise ships. The Thomas & Pearl team have the knowledge and the experience to assist victims of maritime and admiralty personal injury claims presented against cruise lines and other boat owners.

If you have been a passenger that has been injured on a cruise ship, motorboat, personal watercraft or any other vessel, you need to contact Thomas & Pearl.

Injuries and deaths that occur at sea are different than general personal injury cases. Did you know that cruise line companies include contract provisions on passenger tickets that shorten the time an injured party has to file a claim? In some cases, this can be as short as six months.

Thomas & Pearl is relentless and will fight for you.

Cruise line companies are known to frequently make passengers sign waivers before participating in many shipboard activities. Injuries, illness and even death are a burden for anyone and it is important to know your legal rights. The Thomas & Pearl team is here to help. Providing FREE consultation to cruise ship passengers that have suffered from a slip and fall accident or other accident while on board.