Snowbirds and Auto Accidents

snow birds auto accident

Snowbird Season is Here and a Lot More Vehicles

There’s nothing like cold and snowy weather to bring out the snowbirds.  They come south from the northern states and Canadian provinces, or north from South America, or west from Europe to our sunny state.  Some stay only a short while, and others for extended lengths.

And while they typically begin arriving shortly after Thanksgiving, the busiest season really kicks in in January and will last until after Easter, depending on how early or late Easter falls (it can be as early as March 22nd and as late as April 25th) or Passover.   In 2016, Easter is fairly early (March 27th), and Passover ends more than a month later—April 30th.

All these snowbirds mean more vehicles on the road.

 Traffic Patterns Drastically Change

It’s not only the store aisles, shopping centers, and  restaurants that are more crowded “in-season.”  The roads get busier, too as visitors motor to the stores, restaurants, and malls.  Florida DOT data measured traffic increases of 16%-20+% over summer figures. Unfortunately busier roads can mean more accidents– especially on roads that are already seriously congested.


Confusion, Distraction, and Deadly Accidents

Consider that most visitors to South Florid may not be familiar with the local market.  They may call while driving for directions, or look at a map without stopping, or consult hand-held devices for GPS functions.  The distraction from this kind of activity in traffic with different types and sizes of vehicles moving at different speeds can lead to collisions, some of them deadly.


More Snowbirds This Year

With gasoline prices at record lows and the improvement in the overall economy, the outlook is for increased visitors to South Florida.  It’s a big benefit to the local economy—about a billion dollars spent annually in Broward County alone, estimates the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention and Visitors Bureau.  And this tourism business and the taxes generated from it help keep Florida a no-income tax state.  But the effects on roads can lead to injury or death in a vehicular accident.

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