Bad Products and Product Liability

Sometimes bad products cause injuries

Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers are responsible for the safety of the products they put out into the marketplace.  But sometimes their products are harmful.  Product Liability law protects the public from the individuals and businesses who market products that lead to unnecessary injuries.

Common types of products liability include:

  • Defects in design
  • Defects in manufacture
  • Marketing defects (failing to warn of potential danger)

Defects in Design

If the risk of a product outweighs its benefit to the consumer, the design may be legally defective.  And, even though a product may be designed and manufactured with great care, if the product design itself is inherently dangerous, it may also be legally defective.  Consumers should have an expectation of products being designed to be safe to use.

Defects in Manufacture

Quality of materials and quality of manufacture are important for a safe product.  Careless assembly and construction can lead to injuries from a product, and are considered defects in manufacture.

Marketing Defects

Even a well-designed and manufactured product that performs well overall for its intended purpose may present dangers not immediately obvious to the consumer.  Adequate warnings must be provided to the user to alert them to the potential danger—small parts, parts that may heat up during use, etc.

Elements of Product Liability– Negligence

In the state of Florida, several elements must be present for negligence in a product liability case:

  1. The manufacturer has a legal duty to design and manufacture a product reasonably safe to use
  2. The manufacturer fails to comply with that duty
  3. Someone is injured, and that injury was caused by the failure to comply
  4. Damages resulted from the injury

Note that negligence is a result of the actions of the manufacturer.  There is another type of liability claim which focuses on the product itself—strict liability claims.

Elements of Product Liability—Strict Liability

Florida law requires several elements be present for a strict liability case:

  1. The injured party utilized the product
  2. The product had a defect which caused it to be unreasonably dangerous
  3. The defect caused damages to the injured party

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