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Applying for Social Security Disability can be both an emotional and daunting process.  That is why you need to turn to an experienced Florida Social Security Disability Attorney to guide you through the application process.  To apply for Social Security Disability you need to compile your marriage records, work records and most importantly your medical records.


For someone who is suffering from COPD or recovering from a stroke they may literally have dozens of treating physicians all with important medical records.  With the help of the Florida Social Security Disability Lawyers at Thomas & Pearl we will use our years of experience to guide you through the application process.  You will also need the records of your past 15 years of work and the duties that you performed.  Your work history is one of the most important aspects of your claim.  It will determine by what Grid you will be judged and will greatly affect your claim.


If you have already applied for disability and have been denied it is important that you contact a Fort Lauderdale social security disability lawyer immediately to file your appeal.  All appeals are time sensitive and in most cases must be filed within 60 days of the denial.  The SSDI lawyers at Thomas & Pearl know the Social Security Disability regulations and can guide you through the process.  You need someone on your side to represent your interest at the hearing before the Social Security Administrative Law Judge.  For a free consultation call Thomas and Pearl to speak with a Social Security Attorney today to discuss your claim.


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