Bicycle Accidents

In Florida, bicycles are considered vehicles, with cyclists supposed to follow the same laws as other vehicles. But there is a huge difference when a bicycle is involved with a motorized vehicle– the size, speed, and weight of the car, truck, van, etc. can mean devastating injuries to the bicyclist. And some motorists fail to exercise reasonable care when sharing the road with a bicycle. Their actions can put cyclists at risk.

As with most accidents, neither party typically admits responsibility. And if you have been a cyclist injured in a crash, you may absolutely feel it was the fault of the driver of the motor vehicle.

But if you rely upon each party’s insurance companies themselves to investigate, you should remember: their insurance company will be oriented towards protecting themselves from paying a claim. Their attorneys will try to find a way to refute your claim, or at least to show you were partly responsible for the collision. Their attorneys will enlist experts to gather evidence and to render opinions against you and your actions.

Key to the case will be determining if someone failed to yield right of way, whether both parties were exercising reasonable care, and whether any traffic laws were violated.

Successful bike accident lawsuits will show that:

The other party failed to exercise reasonable care;
Their lack of care caused the accident;
An injury was sustained in the accident.

Bike accident cases can be as complex as any motorized vehicle collision case. Proving liability and recovering compensation may rely upon:

  • Statements from witnesses
  • Examination of accident site
  • Police and accident reports
  • Forensic analysis of the vehicle(s) and bicycle involved
  • Medical records
  • Accident recreation

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