How To Drive Safely in Fog Conditions

drve safely in foggy conditions

The safest thing to do in dense fog is pull off the road and wait until the fog lifts.  If this is not possible please follow some of the suggestions below for safe driving.


  1. Limit any distractions like cell phone and stereos by turning them off.
  1. Slow down and reduce your speed to allow you more time to react should something occur. Remember with less visibility you have less time to react to situations.
  1. Keep your windows cracked or rolled down to enable you to listen to other cars.
  1. Do not use cruise control so you have more control over your vehicle.
  1. Remove excess moisture by using windshield wipers and defrosters.
  1. Use low beam lights or fog lights. High beams cause increased visibility problems because the fog reflects off them.

Drive Safely.

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