Injuries, Photos, and Social Media

Taking pictures at the scene of a motor vehicle accident is a good idea—as a matter of fact, it’s listed on the ‘Do’ side of our list of “Dos and Don’ts at a Motor Vehicle Accident.”

But sometimes photos—especially on social media—may not help.  One plaintiff in a recent lawsuit over injuries she says she suffered in a motor vehicle accident—injuries for which she is pursuing compensation– has failed to keep photos from her Instagram account from being admitted in court.

The defendants in the lawsuit wish to prove that the Instagram pictures and video posted after the March 21st, 2015 accident—pictures and video that show a young woman rock climbing and pursuing other outdoor activities—are of plaintiff Christina Smith.

The majority of the photos in question prompted acting Bronx Supreme Court Justice John Higgitt to refer to the Oxford English Dictionary and cite an entry regarding ‘selfie:’



“A photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media.”

Smith is suing both the person who was driving her and the vehicle with whom that vehicle collided.  Smith claims injuries to her spine and knew and her lawsuit seeks damages for pain and suffering as well as loss of enjoyment of life.  The Instagram photos were admitted in August 2018, with the argument that if it is indeed Smith in the photos, her injuries are not as severe as she has claimed.

The fact that Smith changed her Instagram from public to private at some point after the accident also factors into the defendants’ arguments.


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After An Accident:


If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident, there are very important steps you need to take:



Get to a safe place immediately—to the side of the road, a median, anywhere out of the road





Stay at the scene and call the police.

You must notify the police in order to obtain a full report

Even if you believe you have no injuries, proceed with caution as some injuries and symptoms may not manifest themselves immediately



Never admit fault





Gather information from witnesses

Get contact and insurance information as well as statements if possible

Take photographs and/or videos—but don’t put them on social media!

Make sure to document any cuts, bruises or other injuries suffered, as well as physical evidence like skid marks, etc.


If injured—don’t delay. Seek medical attention quickly

Ensure that your injuries are documented by medical professionals

If you later feel pain, go to an emergency room without delay for a thorough examination



Don’t answer any questions at the accident scene, simply exchange information





Keep all the information relating to your accident somewhere safe—but don’t share it—especially on social media.

Dates, care received, bills, medicine or procedures prescribed, discussions with medical professionals




Don’t speak to any insurance company—even your own. And DO NOT sign anything





Contact an attorney—they will represent your interests





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