How to Choose an Attorney After You’ve Been Injured

So… you’ve been injured.

And while nothing can turn back time and prevent the injury from happening, you may be able to take steps to help safeguard your future.  If your injury was caused by someone else, they may be financially liable for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering—even your potential inability to work in the future because of disability from the injury.

But getting the maximum compensation for your injury is going to require that you choose the right personal injury attorney.  And there are several factors for you to consider when doing so.



Your first priority is finding an attorney that knows how to handle your case. That means looking for trial experience with personal injury cases; experience in negotiating settlements; extensive knowledge of medical diagnoses and processes; accident recreation ability; in-depth knowledge of negligence law and a focus on your type of personal injury in the attorney’s practice.



It’s not just for your convenience—though you’ll likely be spending some time with your attorney and there is a convenience factor—it’s the fact that your attorney must be licensed to practice in the state in which you were injured.



Disciplinary Record

  • Look at the attorney’s disciplinary record to check for complaints, suspensions, or even if your potential attorney was disbarred.




Win Record

  • It may seem simple, but look for an attorney who wins cases or gains substantial cash settlements before having to go to court.




Personal Referrals

  • You would ask for a referral for a yard maintenance firm, so you definitely want to ask for referrals for the important decision of hiring a personal injury attorney.




Google the Firm

  • A simple search can tell you a lot about an attorney or a law firm. So search by the name of the attorney and the firm.  Realize that if you search for terms like ‘accident attorney Broward County’ that the attorneys listed at the top have likely paid for premium ‘Ad Words’ placement there– that’s not necessarily a bad thing, but just be aware and look for the ‘Ad’ notation so you are aware.


When Ready—Call Your Candidates

  • Talking to someone from the firm on the phone can give you a much better idea of how you’ll be treated by the firm. Ask questions, and record the answers.  You’ll learn a lot on the phone without having to travel.



Narrow it Down

  • Make a list of your top choices. You can start the list bigger than just a few, but with what you’ve already learned, try to trim it to your top 3 candidates.




Schedule a Meeting, Ask Questions

  • Scheduling a meeting should meantime where you really start to ask the important questions. Stay focused in the meeting, and have a list of questions for each of your candidates to answer.  Some good questions might be:
    • How long is the statute of limitations for my case?
    • How many cases like mine have you handled, and how many are you handling right now?
    • What were the outcomes of the cases you’ve handled?
    • Will you be working directly with me on this case?
    • If not, who else will be working with you?
    • How long would you expect for the resolution of my case?
    • How does your fee structure work?
    • What is your percentage?
    • What about expenses?
    • Do you take cases like mine on a contingency basis?
    • How will I remain informed about the progress of my case?
    • Have you ever been disciplined, suspended, or disbarred?



Have you or a loved one been injured due to the negligence of another?       

If you or a loved one has been injured by the negligent actions of another, Thomas & Pearl offer you a free case consultation, and upon taking your case will work on a contingency basis.

Ask all the questions you want.  But know that you will pay no money upfront—only if Thomas & Pearl wins your case and gets you the compensation you deserve.

You can receive compensation damages to your vehicle, for your pain & suffering; for lost current and future wages, and medical expenses as well.

Before you speak with an insurance company, the attorneys at Thomas and Pearl want to speak to you.

$150 MILLION in verdicts and settlements

Injuries and deaths happen.  It’s a fact.  Sometimes they occur because of the negligence of another.  Choosing the right attorney can be a big factor in you getting the compensation needed to safeguard your future.

Thomas & Pearl attorneys have the skills and training, plus the financial resources necessary to take on the big insurance companies, and to negotiate settlements favorable for our clients.  And Thomas & Pearl Attorneys will absolutely litigate to protect your rights and get you the compensation you deserve.

Ask about our experience as attorneys helping victims of personal injury.



Ask about the more than $150M (MILLION) dollars in recent and past jury verdicts and settlements we have gained for our clients.

We’ll evaluate your case situation with you, develop a strategy to win or successfully negotiate the highest amount of compensation for you.

Experienced legal help can make the difference between a successful resolution and losing in court.  And you pay nothing unless we get that successful resolution for you.

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