Florida, Spring Breakers, and Unfortunate Accidents



Florida, Spring Breakers, and Unfortunate Accidents

Spring break time stretches throughout March and April.  Just about every college and high school student across the country looks forward to the break, and many of them set their sights on warm-weather destinations like Florida.  Sandy beaches and sunny skies aren’t the only things happening, unfortunately, over spring break.  Thousands of people—many of them in full-on party mode– Golden Goose Superstar Dam descending upon new and often unfamiliar cities can be a recipe for accidental injuries.



Auto Fatalities Spike

A by the University of Miami cited significant spikes in traffic fatalities during spring break in 14 destinations popular with spring breaker:

  • Traffic fatalities rose 9.1% during spring break season compared to the rest of the year.
  • More fatalities involved out-of-state drivers than those residing in-state.
  • Drivers younger than 25 years of age were involved in fatal automobile accidents more often than older drivers.

It’s an unfortunate fact.  College students especially mix the fun and sense of freedom enjoyed on spring break with bad decisions fueled by alcohol or illegal substances.  And it’s not just auto accidents that can occur, bad as those accidents can be.  Other Golden Goose Sneakers 2.12 common types of spring break injuries can lead to Parajumpers Hae hospitalization or even death:


Common Spring Break Injuries

  1. Bar fights

A simple ‘wrong glance’ or disagreement in a bar can turn into an aggressive incident quickly.  Bar fights in real life aren’t like in the movies—people can get hurt or even killed.  One patron may have provoked another or Belstaff Brooklands Blouson attacked first, and bar owners may be at least partially responsible for the fight or preventing injuries as well.  And over-serving an adult or any serving of underage patrons can definitely lead to problems.

  1. Hotel party injuries

College students may attend a hotel party or start one of their own in their hotel room.  Sometimes spring break parties happen in private homes as well.  The hotel or home owner may be legally responsible for providing alcohol to underage individuals or failing to take the steps necessary to protect their guests.

  1. Amusement Park injuries

Lots of spring breakers come to Florida specifically to visit an amusement park.  Unfortunately, sometimes incidents happen inside of the amusement park that turn a day of fun into a day of injury… or worse. Typically with any kind of ticketed event, patrons will find that there is a disclaimer on that ticket which states the property owners will not be liable for injuries.  However, rest assured that there are different legal claims which may– depending on the nature of the injury– be pursued against the owners and/or operators of amusement parks.  Typically, negligence and product New Balance 996 Revlite liability come into play when building a case against the park.

  1. Violent crimes

It’s an unfortunate fact that some criminals target visitors, including those visiting Florida. An inebriated tourist can make an even more attractive target for criminals.  Should an injury occur on someone else’s property while on vacation, travelers may be able to pursue compensation for those injuries suffered.

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