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Defective Elevator Injury Assistance

Elevator and escalator injuries can be very serious and sometimes even fatal. There are several components that an experienced injury attorney will review to determine liability in an elevator/ escalator accident.

A defect may be discovered in the construction or manufacturing of the elevator/escalator, or one of its components. In such a case, the manufacturer of the elevator/escalator may be held responsible for your injuries, and can be sued for their defective elevator/escalator for:

  • Failure to inspect or test the elevator/escalator before putting it on the market;
  • Failure to discover that the elevator/escalator could present a danger;
  • Failure to warn or adequately warn of a risk associated with use of an elevator/escalator; and/or
  • Creating a defect in the elevator/escalator.

Your elevator or escalator injury attorney will also consider the liability of the building management or owners in the event their elevator or escalator is not current with safety codes and standards. Building owners and managers must keep elevators/escalators current with properly working safety equipment and devices. Further, a building owner or manager is responsible for developing and executing a rescue or emergency plan and to instruct employees on how to implement these plans.

Your South Florida injury attorney will also determine whether the company hired to service and maintain the elevator/escalator can be held liable. When a building owner or manager enters into an agreement with a service and maintenance company, that company is responsible for the upkeep of the elevator/escalator. These service companies are also required to know current standards and any changes in codes. They can also be held liable for defective repairs or failing to keep maintenance records.

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Date : 20 Feb 2015

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