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What Happens If Arrested For Drugs?

Needless to say, any kind of drug-related criminal charge is a gravely serious matter.

But Thomas & Pearl Drug Defense Lawyers can help.

Drug offenses are broken down into three main categories:

  • Simple possession
  • Possession with intent to sell/manufacture/deliver
  • Trafficking

While it is the least serious of the offenses, if a charge of “Simple Possession” leads to a conviction, it can still have very complex, negative consequences in your life. And that includes marijuana possession.

Charges of “Possession with intent to sell/manufacture/deliver”, much less Drug Trafficking charges, if they lead to convictions, are of course far more serious, and can land you in prison for a very, very long time.

Regardless of the drug offense you or someone you care about is charged with – it is the quality and commitment of your legal representation that will likely determine the outcome of your case – and very possibly, the future course of your life.

Thomas & Pearl knows that, and with its experience, integrity and talent, with its ability to work in synch with each and every individual client, Thomas & Pearl can help you with drug-related charges – especially in cases of “simple” drug possession, like the all too common marijuana possession offense that ensnares so many South Floridians – people who certainly don’t consider themselves “criminals” but then suddenly find themselves in need of a good criminal attorney.

The good news is that with a variety of defenses available in these possession cases, Thomas & Pearl stands a solid chance of either getting the charges dropped altogether, or getting them reduced to a lesser charge – depending on the facts of your case.

What you need to remember is that if you or someone you care about has been arrested and charged with any kind of drug offense, then the sooner you consult with an experienced South Florida drug crime attorney at Thomas & Pearl, the better your chances will be for a better outcome moving forward.

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Date : 06 Jun 2015

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