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Make no mistake about it. Being stopped by the police for for suspicion of DUI is a very serious matter – and it can be a terribly upsetting, unnerving experience.

But know that if you are in fact charged with DUI, Thomas & Pearl can help you deal with what is a very difficult situation. We are here to defend you, and fight for your rights.

As you probably know, the police can order motorists to “pull over” for any number of reasons. When it comes to DUI, officers are likely to initially suspect you of committing the offense based upon an erratic driving pattern you are exhibiting. After pulling you over, they may judge your physical appearance, speech pattern and general demeanor, in combination with field sobriety tests and chemical tests, to further test their suspicions.

If you should find yourself in this situation, first and foremost – remember to be courteous to the officer, but admit to nothing.

When the police do pull you over for a suspected DUI offense, you are required to provide your driver’s license, vehicle registration and proof of insurance – but nothing more than that.

You can greatly improve your chances of a successful outcome if you can maintain a calm, courteous demeanor, and demonstrate the discipline not to answer any questions from the police officers, beyond what is listed on those documents that you are required to show them.

Any admission to any alcohol consumption in answer to any kind of “Been drinking?” question from the officer who has pulled you over may give that officer probable cause to then initiate a DUI investigation.

If the officer does begin such an investigation and begins to instruct you to cooperate with roadside examinations, know that you have the right to refuse any and all roadside sobriety examinations, including the nystagmus test, balancing tests, mental agility tests, and “breathalyzer” tests.

If and when you do refuse any roadside examinations, you must remain extremely calm and courteous and immediately request to speak with an attorney. This is the time to remember to call Thomas & Pearl at 954-563- 9225.

The officer who has pulled you over may still proceed with an arrest and DUI charge – but without any of the test results, your acquittal on the charge will be a far stronger possibility.

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Date : 06 Jun 2015

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