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Injuries Incurred By An Animal?

Sure, dogs are “man’s best friend” but sometimes Fido can hurt someone whether intentionally or not. If you or someone you know was attacked, tripped, or otherwise injured due to another person’s pet, farm animal, or horse, it is in your best interests to see an attorney who can make sure you receive the medical care you need and the compensation you are legally owed.

Statistics have shown that there are roughly 5 million dog bites alone in the United States, with 800,000 requiring medical care. Of that number, approximately 30 cases turn out to be fatal with Florida recently ranking 5th in the entire country for the number of dog bite fatalities in 2007 with 3. And these statistics are only accounting for dog bites, with thousands of other animal related injuries also taking place yearly.

It is important to know that dog bites, and animal related injury cases in general, are different from any other type of injury and the laws that govern them are different too. That means the attorney you hire should be someone with a specific knowledge of animal bites and related injuries who understands how to achieve the best results for clients with the specific laws in place for victims of these injuries.

If you or a family member were injured by another person’s animal, your first step should obviously be getting the immediate medical care you need. Your second step, however, should be calling Thomas & Pearl. Immediately after making that call, we will have you come in for your FREE consultation. We will even send an experienced attorney to see you for your FREE consultation if you are unable to make it to our office. Then we will evaluate your potential claim(s) by analyzing the nature and extent of your injuries, the liability of all parties and possible insurance coverage, advise you of the legal process for these types of accidents, and make sure you are getting the ongoing medical care you need if you aren’t already. From there, your focus should be all about just getting better and doing whatever your doctors tell you. We will handle just about everything, and personally guide you through those parts you need to do in person. You, the client, will be filled-in before any important step is taken, and will make each critical decision after getting your lawyer’s opinions.

Often times, clients will have to make a decision about whether to settle their accident claim or file a lawsuit and go the litigation route with the ultimate goal of having a jury decide your claim’s fate. Like all other steps, the decision will be yours but another benefit of choosing Thomas & Pearl is that we handle all litigation matters in-house instead of the many firms that simply don’t have the skills or resources to do the same. This provides you, the client, not only with the same level of outstanding legal services you will have come to know from us, but the cohesion of having the same legal minds who began your case taking it all the way to completion.

Once again, we always ask that before choosing your attorney, give us a call and talk to us. Ask about our experience helping victims of similar accidents, the MORE THAN ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS ($150,000,000) IN RECENT AND PAST JURY VERDICTS AND SETTLEMENTS we have received on behalf of our OVER 15,000 SATISFIED CLIENTS SINCE 1973, and get a personal feel for the attorneys you will be trusting to fight for your cause to the greatest extent possible.

Remember, you can call us anytime to talk about your possible case FOR FREE. And if you hire us and we don’t get you a recovery for any reason, YOU OWE US NOTHING.

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Date : 20 Feb 2015

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