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We all use various products for all kinds of things throughout the day- from the creamer in your coffee to the seatbelt in your car, and everything in between. When the products we use work as they should, most people don’t even give them much of a thought. However, when even the simplest and seemingly safest products malfunction or are defective, the results can be absolutely catastrophic and often fatal to the user.

Representing the victims of defective product accidents is a very unique challenge, and much different than any other type of injury case. To that end, many firms are simply not equipped to handle these cases. First, this type of claim can involve many different parties who each shared some duty or obligations over the product between the time it was made and when it reached the final consumer who it injured or killed. It is very important that the attorney you hire understands the entire scope of the product chain and what parties may legally be held responsible for the victim’s injuries.

Second, due to the complexity often needed to prove that a device or other product malfunctioned, it is often necessary to hire various independent experts to re-construct the product, run tests, and develop diagrams and other simulations that can be essential to proving the case. When a client hires a firm without the resources or desire needed to fully advocate the client’s position, the victim’s one and only chance to make the responsible manufacturer, supplier, wholesaler or other party may be lost forever.

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Another reason defective product cases are so unique, challenging, and often beyond the capabilities of many law firms is the amount of time such cases tend to take, and the resources that must then be expended. The process of having the product analyzed and often rebuilt, hiring experts, designing the necessary simulations, and especially waiting for the victim to recuperate and get their continuing medical care all takes a lot of time. The firm you hire needs to have the available legal minds and staff to follow the case for the years that it takes.

If you are suffering from injuries caused by a defective product, your first step should obviously be getting the immediate medical care you need. Your second step, however, should be calling Thomas & Pearl. Immediately after making that call, we will have you come in for your FREE consultation. We will even send an experienced attorney to see you for your FREE consultation if you are unable to make it to our office. Then we will evaluate your potential claim(s) by analyzing the product that malfunctioned, how it malfunctioned, the nature and extent of your injuries, the liability of all parties and possible insurance coverage, advise you of the legal process for these types of accidents, and make sure you are getting the ongoing medical care you need if you aren’t already. From there, your focus should be all about just getting better and doing whatever your doctors tell you. We will handle just about everything, and personally guide you through those parts you need to do in person. You, the client, will be filled-in before any important step is taken, and will make each critical decision after getting your lawyer’s opinions.

Often times, clients will have to make a decision about whether to settle their accident claim or file a lawsuit and go the litigation route with the ultimate goal of having a jury decide your claim’s fate. Like all other steps, the decision will be yours but another benefit of choosing Thomas & Pearl is that we handle all litigation matters in-house instead of the many firms that simply don’t have the skills or resources to do the same. This provides you, the client, not only with the same level of outstanding legal services you will have come to know from us, but the cohesion of having the same legal minds who began your case taking it all the way to completion.

Once again, we always ask that before choosing your defective product injury attorney, give us a call and talk to us. Ask about our experience helping victims of similar accidents, the MORE THAN ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS ($150,000,000) IN RECENT AND PAST JURY VERDICTS AND SETTLEMENTS we have received on behalf of our OVER 15,000 SATISFIED CLIENTS SINCE 1973, and get a personal feel for the attorneys you will be trusting to fight for your cause to the greatest extent possible.

Remember, you can call us anytime to talk about your possible case FOR FREE. And if you hire us and we don’t get you a recovery for any reason, YOU OWE US NOTHING.

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Date : 20 Feb 2015

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