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When is overtime pay due?
I am classified as an independent contractor. Am I entitled to overtime pay?
Are salaried employees exempt from overtime pay?
How do I prove that my employer knew or had reason to believe that “off the clock work” was being performed?
How can I enforce my rights pursuant to Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)?
Can I be fired if I sue my employer for unpaid wages?
I received a severance agreement and/or signed a waiver stating I would not sue the company. What rights do I have?
What are liquidated damages?
What does Thomas & Pearl charge to represent me?
How long does an FLSA case take?
What are some common reasons employees are not paid overtime?


Personal Injury

What is a personal injury?
What if an insurance adjuster offers me a settlement?
When is a personal injury attorney needed?
How much will Thomas & Pearl charge?
Will I meet with a lawyer at Thomas & Pearl?
How much is my case worth?
What damages can I recover on my personal injury case?
What if I am unable to come to your office?
Should I get a second opinion if an attorney thinks I do not have a case?

Workers Compensation

Do I have to report the injury to my employer? 
Do I get to choose my doctor?
Do I have to pay any of my medical bills?
How much will I be paid?
When can I expect to begin receiving checks?
Am I able to receive workers’ compensation and social security benefits at the same time?
What if I have notified my employer of my injury but am having problems receiving benefits?

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